More social interaction with iOS devices

At its developers conference, Apple announced features for its iOS 13 operating system that aim to make interacting with your own network simpler and more intuitive. For example, "Notes" will make it possible to highlight people in a to-do list who they want to meet. Like on Facebook, the people are then messaged by iMessage and reminded before the appointment. The photos feature also aims to become more interactive: if address book contacts are visible on photos, Apple suggests sending them a copy by iMessage.

 June 18, 2019

Digital museum honours female footballers

Google has teamed up with the creative agency AKQA to launch a website called "The Offside Museum" to reconstruct the development of women's football via crowdsourcing. Between 1921 and 1979, women's football was forbidden in many countries and games had to be played in secret. For this reason, there are many gaps in the history of women's football that still have to be filled. "The Offside Museum" was opened to coincide with the Women's World Cup in France and people are invited to submit their stories, photos and videos to complete the history of the game.

 June 18, 2019

Smart handbag with IoT button

The US start-up Hummel sells women's handbags under the brand Bee & Kin that use an IoT button to carry out a range of tasks. The stylish handbags are available in bright colours and pair with smartphones via Bluetooth. The button is supplied by the Swedish company Flic and can be programmed by app as needed. This allows it to, for example, book a taxi, transmit location to contact or play a playlist on the smartphone. The bags also feature an integrated light that helps with searching their contents.

 June 18, 2019

VR experience in shopping mall

The UAE-based companies Al Hokair and Immotion Group have joined forces to turn the Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi into a VR zone. The VR world was integrated into the "Sparky's" area, which offers families an entertainment program. The 4D cinema and bowling alley give large and small customers at the mall the chance to enjoy a range of VR experiences together and virtually explore the deep sea while on the back of a whale. What's more, "Sparky's VR Zone" will soon be expanding to Saudi Arabia.

 June 18, 2019

Iceland attracts visitors with premium tap water

Iceland's tourist board is promoting the country's excellent tap water with "Kranavatn" and will present it in the summer as a premium product at the airport. The campaign is based on a study which found that 65% of travellers consume more plastic bottled water abroad than at home, and seldom pack a reusable bottle when they travel. Tourists visiting Iceland in the summer will get to experience the benefits of the pure, natural water with the "Kranavatn" brand and then continue to drink tap water during their stay rather than buy plastic bottles.

 June 17, 2019

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